Daily Meditation Program

Program Overview

Daily Meditation Program

Program Overview

Daily Meditation Program

Bringing the Power of Meditation into your Daily life!

Our mission is simple. Guiding you to bring the power of mediation into your daily life.  We have been doing this for over 20 years now and are passionate about helping you change your life through meditation.  

Our Daily Meditation Program is where it all begins!

Program Information

Program Duration: 12 weeks
Start Date:  On Demand
Fees: $498 in 3 easy monthly instalments (incl GST) or save $200 when you pay up front ($298 incl GST). Lifetime access to all program materials

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Maintaining a consistent meditation practice
  • Shutting off your mind during meditation
  •  Motivation when meditating
  • Focus and commitment
  • Being kind to yourself when meditation gets hard
  • Feeling resistance to meditation and self sabotage 

The Daily Meditation Program will give you all the tools you need to remedy these struggles and show you how to bring meditation into your daily life

We do this by showing you:

  • How to establish a daily practice
  • Increasing your compassion for yourself and others
  • Different Meditation Techniques and how to use them
  • Focus and commitment
  • A deeper connection with yourself and others
  • How to obtain a quite and still mind
  • Ways of address motivation, resistance and sabotage 
  • How a community of like-minded people can help
  • A clear 12 week plan with support that will take you from a struggling meditator not being able to focus and shut off your mind to passionate meditators like us

About Us

Meet Your Guide

Dean has over 30 years of experience working with people from all walks of life.  He believes in the power of meditation to change peoples lives and his passion is helping people bring the wisdom of meditation into daily life.  Dean has worked for over 25 years as a psychologist and has extensive experience using meditation with clinical issues like anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and pain.

The Process

What do the next 12 weeks look like for me?

The process is simple.  

Attend the live Monday night zoom class which gets your week off to the perfect start.  There we take you through everything you need to do that week, give you the opportunity to practice, gain support, and connected with fellow meditators.  

There is also recorded material you work through in your own time every week.  Any questions you may have through the week can be posted on the FB page for us to answer and discuss.

We hope you enjoy this free meditation

Still Have Questions? Feel free to reach out to discuss.

Feel free to email, text or call us if you have any question, we are always happy to talk through any questions you may have.  

Our contact details are below or you can use the contact form if you prefer.

Join This Program

Register NOW to take part in our 12 week Daily Meditation Program
Program Information Program Duration: 12 weeks Start Date: On Demand Fees: $498 in 3 monthly payments (incl GST) or save $200 when you pay in full ($248 incl GST). Lifetime access to program materials.

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