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Mental Health

Are you looking for a holistic approach to mental health?

We have seen a revolution in mental health treatment over the last 25 years and it has been our passion to be at the cutting edge of these changes and make them available to you.  

We believe the best way to approach mental health is to take an integrated and holistic approach.  Using everything at your disposal to reach your goals, making sustainable, and permanent changes.

Our History

Over 20 years ago when I set up my practice, Active Mind and Body we were one of the first practices in Melbourne to take an integrated and holistic approach to mental health!

Getting Started

The best place to start is with an initial holistic assessment.

There are so many therapists, therapies, and approaches it can be very confusing to know where to start. That is why you need an initial holistic assessment, to determine what approach is right for you. Further, different therapies and approaches are needed when you are at different stages of your healing journey. It is critical to get these ingredients right if you are looking for long term sustainable change.

Is Our Approach Right for You?

Do you want an approach to mental health that includes your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit?

We are witnessing a radical shift in the paradigms that underpin the conceptualisation and treatment of mental health and trauma.

Over the last 30 years I have had a special interest in approaching mental health and trauma from a holistic perspective. 

It was very clear to me early on in my career that an integrated and holistic approach was the most logical and effective way to attend to my clients needs. 

Attending to all aspects of my client’s experience, their Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit is not a luxury but a necessity for deep transformation and healing.


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Dr van der Kolk - author of The Body Keeps the Score:

"Neuroscience research shows that the  only way we can change the way we feel is  by becoming aware of our inner  experience and learning to befriend what  is going on inside ourselves."

Dr Gabor Mate` ~


The therapies we use in our integrated and holistic treatment include:

  • Various Psychotherapeutic Approaches 
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Therapies 
  • EMDR
  • Brain Spotting
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition and Life-Style Medicine
  • Neurofeedback and Biofeedback 
  • Energy Psychology (tapping)

We have a special interest working with clients struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Phobias
  • Current and Past Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  •  Chronic Illness 
Meet Your Guide

I have always had a passion for the healing arts and working with clients.  In that way I was lucky I never had any doubt about what I wanted to do with my life.  As far back as my mid-teens I remember attending yoga classes and studying body work, reflexology and was fascinated about healing and the potential of the mind, body, heart, and spirit!

Over 30 years later I still feel the same way, and even though like many therapist some of my early passion was fuelled by my own struggles early in life with learning disorders, hearing problems, severe anxiety and a chronic stutter, the most satisfying thing for me now is seeing people grow, thrive and reaching their potential.

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