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Connecting to the Moment, Healing the Past and Discovering your True Self.

The focus of the True Self is program is providing a safe and effective program for anyone seeking effective and lasting transformation of self-worth and self-esteem.

About the True Self Program 

After working with people for over 30 years it has become clear to me that most people experience a sense of not being good enough.  What I call the ‘Not Good Enough Core Theme’ is at the heart of most of the struggles with have in life.  Trying hard to ‘fix’ this sense of not being good enough may seem like the logical step to take, however can leave you in a vicious and never-ending cycle of self-improvement.  

Our mission is to help people develop the courage, knowledge, and skills to break free from this cycle.  By removing the obstacles and blocks to growth and success you can discover your True Self and continue making a positive contribution to your life and those around you.

Meet Your Guide

A message from True Self founder, psychologist Dean Smith.

“The True Self method has been developed over my 30 years of working as a psychologist.  This experience has lead to the development of a process that takes clients through 6 steps to discover their True Self.  It utilises 7 universal supports that facilitate deeper personal growth and targets the root cause of their problems – what I call the ‘Not Good Enough Core Theme’.  This has been a primary focus with clients for many years and something I feel very passionate about.”

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try you end up back where you started?  There is another way to approach personal development.

The True Self Approaches Self-Esteem and Personal Development Differently!

Most approaches try to ‘BUILD’ self- esteem and self-worth.  However these approaches only treat the symptoms and keep you locked in a never ending cycle of self-improvement, what I call the “Reactivity Cycle’.  The True Self method that I have developed will finally allow you to get to the root cause of your feelings of not being good enough. 

6 Steps to Discover your True Self

These are the 6 steps I use in the True Self Method:

Map your Reactivity Cycle

Build the 7 Universal Supports

Get off the Reactivity Cycle

Reprocess Past Wounds 

Creating and Integrating new Experiences

Establishing Perpetual Growth

Introducing the True Self Program

Deepen your journey here

Working with people who feel not good enough, inadequate, shameful, broken and struggle with low self-esteem in all it’s forms has been Deans primary focus with clients for many year.  It has become our mission and something we feel very passionate about.  The Deep Dive program represents our attempt to make a positive contrition to peoples lives by offering a program that focuses on one of the main causes of human suffering and lost potential.  

Program Information

Program Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: Any Time / Self Paced
Fees: $398 (incl GST). Lifetime access to all program materials.

The True Self Program will give you:

  • A clear understanding of why you don’t feel good enough
  • An overview of what the reactivity cycle is and how to get off this exhausting loop
  • Clarity about the change process, what works and how to apply it in your life
  • A deeper connection with yourself and others
  • The 7 key supports to ongoing and lasting personal growth
  • Strategies to address the deep causes of not feeling good enough, inadequate, shame and broken
  • A community of like-minded people

The Process

What can I achieve by participating in this program?

Everyones process is very different and therefore it is very difficult to give you an exact overview of what your experience will be. However the purpose of our True Self Program is to give you the knowledge, skills, and experiences to take you to the next level in your personal growth and establish a process that we call perpetual growth. We believe perpetual growth is the optimal state of humans functioning. That being when people have the skill, knowledge and supports to consistently grow and develop from life experience!

How Does The Program Work?

What do the next 10 weeks look like for me?

The program consists of a series of pre-recorded modules that you work through at your own pace. The sessions are designed to take participants on a “Deep Dive” into the topic of not feeling good enough! Classes will involve presentation of content, exercises, meditations, group work and individual reflective practices. At the end of each module, you will be given different things to practice and explore between classes. You will also have life time access to modules, along with the content presented, meditation recordings and reflective exercises. This will allow you to explore and practice the material discussed.  You can access further coaching and group support if needed, just get in touch to discuss.

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Program Information

Program Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: Any Time
Fees: $398 (incl GST). Lifetime access to program materials.

Register to receive a free copy of my ebook, “From Not Feeling Good Enough to Reaching your Full Potential”, enjoy. Dean