Short Courses

From not feeling good enough to full potential

Short Courses

From not feeling good enough to full potential

For anyone struggling to break free from negative patterns and reach their goals!

Our next 90min webinar: 'Reach your Potential in 2023 Without Getting Stuck!'

The webinar will be held on Tuesday the 28th of February at 7pm and cost $49

The purpose of this webinar is to help people reach their goals and make a positive contribution to life.  I believe discovering the positive contribution you are meant to make in the world is one way to bring meaning to your life. This is a very rewarding process, however can be difficult because we often reach obstacles and barriers that hold us back. 

Many of our clients already believe in the value of personal development and making a positive contribution, however often get stuck.  Personal development and making a positive contribution requires us to look inwards and explore who we really are, and discover our True Self!

By removing the obstacles and barriers to growth you can reach your potential.  I have developed the True Self Method to help people just like you break free from resistance and self-sabotage so you can reach your potential.  Further my approach targets one of the main barriers to growth, ‘The Not Good Enough Core Theme’.


Program Outcomes

In this 90 minute webinar we will be covering;

  • The most common reason for getting stuck in your personal development journey 
  • Why your attempts to change and build self-esteem have not worked
  • What the Reactivity Cycle is and why you need to know about it
  • An overview of the True Self Method and the 6 steps to discover your True Self
  • An introduction to step one
  • How to move from not feeling good enough to personal growth

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone wanting to follow their passions, dreams, and goals and make a positive contribution.   You may have tried countless ways to reach your goals and have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you, only to end up right back where you started.

Often our past experience can cause obstacles and blocks that prevent us from reaching our goals.  Unfortunately I see so many clients wanting to make a positive contribution only to get stuck and not being able to break free from their negative past experiences. I want to help you break free from this loop, reach your potential, and change your life. This is where the True Self Method can help!

About your guide,

Dean Smith

True Self was founded by experienced psychologist Dean Smith. Dean has over 30 years of experience working with people from all walks of life. He has learned that although people’s circumstances and stories are different, the core of their struggles typically relates to a deep-seated sense of lack and deficiency. Through the True Self method, Dean uses his knowledge and experience to help people who are stuck and struggling to reach their potential.  One area of focus is the ‘not feeling good enough core theme’, as this is one of the main blocks to peoples growth.

Further information

Most people approach personal development with little understanding of change and person growth. Is it no wonder most attempts to change fail.

During this engaging 90-minute webinar Dean will distil 30 years of working with clients into practical, tangible and accessible information.

The focus of the webinar will be helping you understand why you feeling not good enough and the negative impact this is having on your life.  We will also be exploring the process and nature of change, and why this information is so critical to personal development. Giving you every opportunity for success!

Still Not Sure: What do you have to lose?

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