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The Goal of the True Self Method Connect / Listen / Follow

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Connect / Listen / Follow


Hi, have you ever been confused by the goal setting process? 


As I said in the last video blog, there is SO much confusion about goal setting.  I spend much of my day helping clients become clear on what type of goals are helpful to focus on and will lead to change.


The two main goals of the True Self method are what I call Perpetual Growth and Connect / Listen / Follow.  I want to help you understand these goals because they are a very important element of the True Self method.


What is Connect / Listen / Follow?


Connect / Listen / Follow (CLF) refers to a particular way of being with your experience.  What I notice with clients is that when we establish this way of being with their experience, growth and development comes more naturally. 


CLF refers to a capacity to:

  • connect (to all aspects of your experience)
  • listen (accept and allow)
  • follow (explore and inquire)


When we can CLF with any aspect of experience from the head, heart, and body, compassionately without the critic and most importantly allowing your experience to take you wherever it needs to go, change happens!


Does that sound like a useful way to be with your experience?


Initially this can seem a bit abstract, however once you have experienced it first-hand, you will see the power of being able to CLF.  This is how deep and lasting change happens, being exactly where you are and exploring what is holding you back in life.


I was exploring this with a client the other day and her words really summed up the process of Connect / Listen / Follow, she described it as:






What I have noticed is that when I am exploring your experience in this way, we are trusting your process and allowing it to take us exactly where we need to go.  So, the next step we take is the exact stage of the work that needs to be dealt with in that moment (and not the one we think we “SHOULD” be focusing on) and we can discover the exact support or skill you need in that moment to bring about change.


Allowing us to work directly with your experience instead of supa-imposing a method or structure onto it that you need to fit into or adapt to.  The coaching process then is much more powerful, efficient, and deep, and uses 5 core principles or the True Self Method:


  1. Trust
  2. Acceptance
  3. Curiosity
  4. Openness
  5. Joy


Get in touch if I can help or you have any questions.


I am here to help.




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